Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration

Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you’ll be sure to spot heart-shaped balloons and boxes of Cadbury’s chocolates wherever you turn this week. The supermarkets are stocked with frivolous gifts and the only fashionable colour on the highstreet seems to be red. And whilst Valentine’s Day should be a day we all look forward to, the run-up generally splits us girls into two camps – you’ll find the loved-up ladies who’re brimming with excitement to spend a romantic day with their partners, but also those of us who are positively dreading spending an evening alone watching Love, Actually and eating a ready meal for one.

I’m lucky enough to be spending my Valentine’s Day having dinner with my boyfriend but I’ve also spent previous Valentine’s Days with friends and family, or just alone. Whatever you’re doing this February 14th though, here’s some outfit inspiration to see you through your day – because, whatever you do, dressing up always makes it more fun.

(from l-r, top to bottom):

What are you going to be wearing this Valentine’s Day? I’m going for high-waisted black Joni jeans, a leopard-print boxy top and peplum blazer. Hopefully it’ll be finished off with some new jewellery 😉 *hint, hint*



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