My Current Summer 2015 Skincare Favourites

Skincare is the buzzword of the moment and if we’re not buying into the latest Micellar water, CC cream or anti-acne lotion, we’re considering a vampire facial, courtesy of Kim Kardashian. I used to be a little more frugal in regards to my skincare routine and it was, at best, limited to a Clarins 3-step system of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Recently, I’ve become obsessed with skincare and beauty products, and that’s partly due to the changes I’ve noticed in my skin: At 18, I had clear, normal but dehydrated skin. Now, at 23, I have a combination, dehydrated skin type which is both sensitive and prone to breakouts. As you can see, my skincare regimen needed adapting quickly.

My Current Skincare Favourites

I’ve built up quite the collection of skincare products, and although it’s probably beneficial to stick to a simple system, I do try to mix up the products I use every now and then – partly because some just aren’t working. Throughout my skincare journey, I’ve come across a few products that I think are definitely worth the hype. I hope you enjoy the edit.

  1. Laidbare ‘For Richer For Porer’ Pore Minimising Facial Masque, £6.99: this 50ml masque is filled with organic ingredients, such as Rose Flower Water and Japanese Seaweed Extracts – it also contains a hint of liquorice which forms the base of this product’s scent. This mask is light in consistency and contains little grains which help to drag impurities out of the skin. You’ll notice that it doesn’t set like a clay mask, though, but it does leave the skin feeling ridiculously soft and supple.
  2. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, £4.99: now a cult favourite, this cleansing water is perfect for effectively breaking down makeup and cleaning your skin, without having to drag a wipe over your face. I do find this product to leave the skin feeling a little greasy, so I only use it to remove my makeup.
  3. Lancome Bi-Facil Non-Oily Instant Cleanser for Sensitive Eyes, £21.50: I used to be guilty of using make-up wipes for makeup removal, but I quickly became conscious of the damage I was doing to my delicate eye area. I’ve since switched to this cleanser as it doesn’t inflame my sensitive eye area and I have yet to find anything better – this product breaks down stubborn eye makeup in seconds.
  4. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo[+], £15.50: the most recent purchase of mine, this cult beauty favourite is renowned for reducing the appearance of pores, marks and acne blemishes. I have definitely started noticing an improvement in my skin (and I’ve only been using this product for a week), but it’s definitely one of those that can make the skin worse before it gets better!
  5. Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse Anti-Fatigue Moisturizing Cream, £21.00: designed with the iconic Nuxe scent, this thick and creamy moisturizer is a luxurious beauty buy. This product leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated and is great used overnight or under makeup.
  6. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil, £28.00: combining Macadamia oil, Hazelnut, Almonds and St. John’s Wort to name but a few ingredients, this dry oil is a cult hero for nourishing and repairing skin and hair. This product is elegant and luxurious and is perfect for treating split ends and the T-Zone. If you’re going to buy one thing, buy this!
  7. Sanctuary Deep Cleanse Facial Matte Perfecting Hydra Lotion, £13.50: this amazing product has become my new BFF, doubling as my morning moisturizer and makeup primer. It leaves the skin feeling fresh with tighter pores and free of grease, providing the perfect base for your makeup – this genuinely helps to lock down my foundation all day as well!
  8. Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash and Mask, £3.69: a high street hero, this cheap and cheerful dual-purpose product is great for quickly washing your face or applying a 5-minute mask. I like that this mask dries like a clay and is easy to use, and it leaves my skin feeling super-clean and refined.
  9. Johnson’s Makeup Be Gone Pampering Wipes, £3.05: as aforementioned, I used to swear by makeup wipes before I could be bothered to use cleansers and I’ve tried pretty much all of them. Whilst I use proper skincare products now, I sometimes use a makeup wipe too and these are just incredible. They’re super hydrated wipes that really break down makeup on the skin whilst smelling so luxurious, making these wipes my travel essential.

After writing this blog, I’m definitely now going to go off and apply a face mask and treat my skin to some deserved Sunday pampering! What did you think of my edit? I hope you found this interesting and have taken away a little bit of beauty inspiration. Have you tried any of these products before? Let me know in the comments below!



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      Thank you for such a thoughtful comment – that’s a lovely thing to say! 🙂 I love reading your blog, keep up the important posts xxx


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