August 2015 Lust List: My Current Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Wishlist

As a self-confessed shopaholic, all-round beauty junkie and lover of all things cute, expensive and entirely unnecessary, it’s no surprise that I’m carrying around a mental wishlist of all the things I’m lusting after at the moment. Much to my finances’ detriment, if I were to purchase everything I desire on this list, I would probably be paying off a credit card for the next year, so it’s unlikely that I’ll be working my way through this anytime soon.

Luckily, as anybody with the need to go to an AA meeting for serial splurgers will know, a girl’s wishlist often changes weekly anyway, so whilst this is what I need today, it’s only going to change again tomorrow…


  1. I’ve been lusting after Charlotte Tilbury’s make-up collection for years now, and her Light Wonder Foundation is at the top of my wishlist. At £32 for 40ml, it’s actually quite reasonably-priced for a high-end foundation.
  2. If you know me, you’ll know that I’ve been coveting the Olivia Burton watches for a while now, and it’s this gorgeous Big Dial Black and Gold Watch that has really caught my eye – £80 is relatively inexpensive in comparison the retail prices of other luxury watch designers’ products.
  3. Completely unnecessary but beyond lustworthy, these gorgeous little soap stones by Pelle make the perfect gift for any girl. Retailing between £7 and £27, depending on their size, these luxurious soaps are available at the Goodhood store.
  4. Potentially Jo Malone’s most iconic fragrance, the Pomegranate Noir Home Candle is loved by bloggers all over the world, and it’s definitely caught my attention. £42 isn’t cheap but it makes a lovely gift or treat.
  5. I haven’t met many girls who wouldn’t love a piece or two from Pandora’s jewellery collection, and it’s their pretty chain bracelets that I’m lusting after at the moment. Delicate and non-fussy, this Lucky in Love Chain Bracelet for £45 is exactly what I’m looking for.
  6. I’ve been looking for a backpack for a while now and I just haven’t been able to find a style that I like – until I found this Black Suede Backpack, £49 from Urban Outfitters. I need this to complete my ‘back to school’ outfit vibe.
  7. I’m in desperate need of a compact camera, and the Sony a5000 Compact System Camera is a great choice for me – it’s inexpensive (currently £239 at Currys) whilst offering an enviable repertoire of technical features.
  8. After @thebeautycrush featured these in her latest vlog, I’ve been dying for a pair of the Rose Ear Studs from alternative jewellery store The Great Frog. At £50, these are on the less expensive side of the brand’s catalogue.
  9. I know, I know. £70 for a passport holder is just not OK – but can we just take a moment to look at how beautifully-crafted this Kate Spade Cedar Street Passport Holder is? I’m off to Brussels next month, and New York in November, so I apologise in advance if this makes its way into my shopping basket!

What’s your favourite item on my August Lust List? Do you think I should purchase anything from my wishlist? Are you lusting after anything specific at the moment? I’d love to know, so let me know in the comments below!



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