Lush’s Rosie Gift Box: A Rose-Themed Gift Set for Girls | Review

I’m a little bit obsessed with Lush; I love bubble baths, beauty and all-round pampering, so what’s not to love? If I’m shopping for gifts or I’m after a little treat for myself, Lush is my go-to store for grabbing something great. After all, a bubble bar isn’t exactly going to break the bank now, is it?

For my birthday this year, I was lucky enough to receive one of Lush’s gorgeous gift sets, Rosie. After falling slightly in love with it, I actually bought another one. I then bought one for my best friend too. (Slight shopping addiction, anyone?) As a champion of all things Lush, and a true advocate of the Rosie by Lush gift set, I thought I’d share my review* of the gift set. *Spoiler alert: it’s going to be a good.



At £21.25, the Rosie gift set is at the lower end of Lush’s gift sets in terms of pricing. Whilst you can grab a little gift set for as low as £8.45 (Sandstone & Ice Blue Soap Stack), gifts at Lush can exceed £100+ and the mid-range sets are around £30 each.

As this gift set is reasonably priced, you might be surprised to see that you actually receive five Lush goodies in the box. Here’s what’s inside:

  • Rose Jam Shower Gel, 100g
  • Rose Jam Bubbleroon, 100g
  • Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, 45g
  • Amandopondo Bubble Bar, 100g
  • Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb, 120g


In a pretty palette of creamy whites and strawberry pinks, the Rosie gift set by Lush is super-sweet and makes for the perfect little treat for any girl – be that your daughter, sister, girlfriend or best friend.

Altogether, the gift set is pretty substantial in size, as all of the treats in the box are priced at £4+, with the Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner the most expensive treat at £16.50 for 225g if bought separately. And even if the overall saving isn’t as much as you’d hoped, half of the beauty of this gift box is in the packaging. Medium in size and wrapped in beautifully-decorated paper, this gorgeous gift set looks as beautiful unopened as the products inside.


Lush-Rose -Jam-Shower-Gel

Lush say: Let your skin be kissed by a rose. This sweetly floral shower gel is made with lemon to bring clarity and rose to lift the spirits.

Lush’s Rose Jam Shower Gel smells heavenly and blends lots of luxurious ingredients, including renowned skin saviour Argan Oil and cleansing, brightening Goji berries. This shower gel will definitely leave you feeling fresh, and the overall rose scent lingers on your skin. A little goes a long way, and this is a lovely product to have sat in the shower.



As soon as I opened my Rosie gift set, the first thing I went for was this Rose Jam Bubbleroon. It’s vibrant strawberry pink in colour and has a creamy overall consistency, whilst still remaining firm enough that you can break it apart in the bath. This little bubble bar will turn your bath bright pink, whilst leaving your skin seriously soft. Love it.



Of all the products within the Rosie gift box, I was least excited about the Amandopondo Bubble Bar. I’m not sure whether it was the overall look of the product or not, but I just didn’t go for product as quickly as did the others. Well, I was definitely mistaken to assume this bubble bar was the least exciting of all the products! This bubble bar leaves your bath smelling heavenly, whilst it produces heaps of bubbles and soaks your skin in luxurious natural oils – a true winner for indulging in a little TLC when you most need it.



I’m a champion of all of Lush’s face and body moisturizers, and when I’m after a real treat I’ll head for their little tubs of goodness at the back of the store. (My favourite treat is the Oatifix Fresh Face Mask, but that’s for another day!) Included in the Rosie gift box is a 45g tub of the Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. Lush’s body conditioners work like a hair conditioner does, so you work it into wet skin and then rinse off after a bath. This specific body conditioner leaves skin feels so soft and supple, and it smells divine. Lush have packed vitamin oils and butters into this body mask, so it’s a real treat and definitely my favourite item in the box.



If there’s one thing I love when it comes to bath bombs, it’s added extras that make them memorable. Tisty Tosty by Lush adds seven real rose buds and is based on a real medieval love potion – cute, right? I still can’t work out why it’s called Tisty Tosty but the rest of this product makes complete sense – it’s beautiful, luxurious and smells divine, a real winner.

Whilst I can see that adding Lush goodies to your everyday bath and beauty routine might be a bit extreme, a little treat here and there is just plain good for you. I think everyone deserves some pampering once in a while, so treat yourself to a lovely box of goodies like this one. It’s a real winner as a gift and the products inside are truly lovely (unless you really hate the smell of roses, as in the case, I’d probably consider something different) and it comes in at a reasonable price point.

What I love the most about this gift set though is the packaging. I think the overall look of this gift is really special and it looks so pretty and well put together. I’ve seen other Lush boxes that are a little bit more ‘gimmicky’ looking and the packaging isn’t as pretty as this. As you can probably tell, I rate this gift set very highly and I think it’s a perfect idea for any lady in your life.

What do you think of this gift set? Do you like it? Do you have another favourite from Lush, or is there a gift set you’d prefer me to review? Let me know in the comments below!



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