Zoeva Vegan Prime Brush Set | Review (What I Got For Christmas)

Happy New Year, to one and all. It’s officially twenty sixteen, so here’s to a magical, make-up filled 12 months. Although it’s the first of the month, I’m still in the festive spirit, so I’m going to wrap up the holiday season with one more Christmas-themed blog post. As I’m a little older now, my parents often ask what one thing I’d really like for Christmas, and so this year, I asked for the Zoeva Vegan Prime Brush Set, available at Beauty Bay for £61.50. I’ve used Zoeva brushes before and I’ve always been particularly impressed with the quality of the brushes and their reasonable price tags. (Most brushes come in at £10 or under, with only the ‘Luxe’ range and the large face brushes exceeding this limit.)

Whilst there’s plenty of make-up brush sets by Zoeva to choose from, I opted for this Vegan Prime Brush Set as it’s stuffed with ten brushes, features my favourite brush (the Zoeva 104 Buffer Brush, £12.95 when bought separately) and comes equipped with a large powder brush (one that I’m desperately in need of). At £61.50, this brush set is in the middle-to-high range of Zoeva’s sets – they sell gorgeous smaller sets for around £30, and full collection sets that extend to the £90 mark. What’s great is that, regardless of which set you choose, you’ll get a deluxe clutch-come-brush pouch too.

Zoeva Vegan Prime Brush Set Pouch

Zoeva Vegan Prime Brush Set Open

Zoeva Vegan Prime Brush Set Brushes

Zoeva Vegan Prime Brush Set

Zoeva Vegan Prime Brush Set with Pouch

If you haven’t tried the Zoeva range before, I highly recommend that you try a brush or two, as you’ll likely be very impressed with the quality. If, like me, you’re particularly obsessive over a flawless base, you’ll appreciate one of the foundation brushes on offer. As aforementioned, my absolute favourite is the 104 Buffer Brush, available in blackBamboo and beautiful Rose Gold (part of two exclusive Zoeva collections). Not only this, but the Zoeva eye brushes are an absolute steal too – the 317 Wing Liner Brush, £5.95, gives MAC’s iconic 266 a serious run for its money, whilst the 228 Luxe Crease Brush, £6.95, is a real rival for your staple 217 brush.

Your secret weapon for creating the hottest makeup looks with ease and precision, Vegan Prime Brush Set contains the softest, Vegan friendly brushes to deliver exceptional professional results. From exquisite foundation, concealer and blusher brushes to super soft blending, smudging and shading eye shadow brushes, Vegan Prime Brush Set is the ultimate collection for any beauty addict. Packaged in a large clutch bag, each brush is expertly handcrafted using the finest Vegan friendly Synthetic bristles which pick up the perfect amount of makeup for flawless application and seamless blending.

Just as Beauty Bay describes the selection, the Vegan Prime Brush Set is a real winner, making for the perfect gift or weekend pick-me-up. With 10 of Zoeva’s best brushes, four of which are face/base brushes, four for the eyes and one multi-tasker, you can pretty much replenish or replace your entire collection.


The Zoeva brushes are super-soft and perfectly shaped, and they’re almost too pretty to use. They’re designed with vegan-friendly Taklon bristles in a way that picks up make-up but doesn’t absorb all of your product, and they really do create a flawless, even finish.

I use the Buffer Brush to apply my foundation (I’m currently using Nars Sheer Glow in the shade Fiji) and it’s perfect for evenly distributing a smooth layer of liquid foundation. I’ve used this brush with different foundations and always find the same, iconic results. However, make sure you clean your brushes as they will get grubby after a while. (After cleaning though – I use a generic shampoo – they’re just as soft as the day you bought them.) The 110 Face Shape Brush is perfect for covering blemishes and redness, whilst the multi-tasking 142 Concealer Buffer Brush is ideal for reducing puffiness and brightening under the eyes. All of the eye brushes are exquisite and can be purchased separately for around £6 each.

As I’m sure you can probably guess, I’m a little bit in love with Zoeva brushes. Bear in mind that I’ve tried everything from Real Techniques to MAC and Bobbi Brown, but these are without a doubt my absolute favourites. If I had to find a criticism, it’s that the bristles in their 102 Silk Finish Brush (not included with this set) do molt a little bit. I haven’t experienced this with any of their other brushes yet, but thought I’d include that note too. All being said, these brushes make for an incredible gift. For those of you considering trying out these brushes, I highly recommend this set, or one of the smaller sets (such as this gorgeous new En Taupe Brush Set, £36.95, which includes five of their bestselling eye brushes).

I’d love to know what you think of the Zoeva make-up brushes, if you’ve tried them. If not, have you seen any you like from reading this post? Or is there a specific brand of make-up brushes that you think I should try? Let me know in the comments below!



11 thoughts on “Zoeva Vegan Prime Brush Set | Review (What I Got For Christmas)

    • thestyleintervention says:

      Thank you so much, Chloe. They’re lovely brushes, aren’t they? Which do you own? I think Zoeva are amazing, such an affordable brand in comparison to Mac and Sigma, etc., too! 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

      • Chloe P says:

        I forgot about two of the eyeshadow ones I have also, all together the 102 silk finish, 317 wing liner, 227 luxe soft definer and 222 luxe all over shader. I love them all so much, I couldn’t live without the silk finish one! X


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